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Grayton beach - One for all the family to enjoy !

Grayton beach - 'nice dogs, strange people'. This is the unofficial slogan of Grayton beach and gives you an ideal of the great mix of people yu will find in the area. The beach resort has barely changed in hundreds of years and the old beach front cottages are located right next door to modern hotel resorts and condos.

If you are looking for a laid back, quaint beach resort then Grayton beach is the ideal location for you. Grayton beach offers all kinds of great activites for the entire family, with beatiful hiking trails, stunning sand dunes and a number of bars and restaurants offering delicious food and drinks.

Grayton is well established as a favorite holiday rest for many locals and it is easy to understand why once you have visited the beach town.

Grayton national park is one of the finest in Florida with huge sand dunes and hiking trails it is a real treat for the entire family to enjoy.

Be sure to make a point of visiting Grayton beach and you will certainly see just why it is considered on of the really great beach locations in Florida, the beach is safe and family friendly, accommodation is affordable and there are all kinds of great activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Visit Siesta beach on your next vacation and you are sure to have a memorable time and want to visit the area many times in the future, Siesta key beach really is a fantastic destination for any type of vacation.



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